Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scary hot

As a new resident to Canada's perceived capital, I am slowly learning the perks of living in Toronto.

1. The food is phenomenal 
B) There is always something going on 
III. People here are really, really ridiculously good looking 

Yes, on my tour of ethnic food carts and weekend festivals, I could not help but notice how insanely symmetrical the faces in the crowd were. Downtown is filled hotty mchotties who, until now, I thought only existed on the cover of magazines. Now I walk among them. 

These individuals require a classification all their own which my friends and I have termed "scary hot".

Definition: an individual so hot that you cannot look directly at them without having your retinas and self-esteem irreparably scorched. 

I cannot describe this class of super-humans further nor can I provide any photographic evidence because this definition applies to different types of people based on the observer. Regardless, while they say beauty is only skin deep, there are those lucky few whose beauty is blatantly evident all over their scary hot faces. Toronto, I'm talkin' to you.

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