Thursday, August 25, 2011


It seems only logical that you must conclude one phase of life before moving on to the next. Moving through these major milestones is often paired with personal reflections. What was important to you? More significantly, what was become important to you?

These are the hard questions that we all have to face when attempting to pack infinite amounts of crap into a very small number of boxes.

What was important to me? Well, I thought I couldn’t get by without my acrylic paint set, knitting equipment, soccer cleats, and family photo albums but nomadic student life has taught me these items are luxuries that I neither have the time or nor the space to accommodate.

What has become important to me? In short: bookstands, slippers, extension chords, and scrubs. Undergrad taught me the value of hands-free academic reading, not being barefoot in a student house, draining maximum electricity out of minimal plugs, and the absolute magic of scrub pants. Essentials redefined.

Now, I am once again folding, squishing, and Tetris-style packing my way to concluding another chapter of my saga. With those final boxes, I am packing away my undergrad, cramming it into my car and moving on to university 2.0, the grad school edition.

Ready or not, Toronto here I come.

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  1. You knitting could leave that behind. What will you do with all that SPARE time and I was hoping for a hat this winter..