Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Technology hates me. Despite my love for all things cyber, the bits and bytes of my various electronics seem to be biting back. In the past few days, I have spent more time speaking with tech support than with my family and friends combined. I developed a fondness for the Apple nerd in Silicon Valley, spilled my life story to the entire Roger's call centre, and learned though RIM opted for a call centre in Texas instead of India, the accents are just as hard to understand. Ironically, when I phoned my wireless service provider to figure out why my phone no longer makes calls, I was greeted by an automated warning that Rogers call centres were dealing with technical difficulties of their own. Apparently, no one is safe.  I emerged from the haze of ticket numbers and mediocre hold music with an insatiable desire to leap off the grid into a land void of glitches, spinning rainbow wheels of death, service issues, and electric shocks that consistently punish me for checking my phone.

Since I'm clearly beyond (technological) help,  a part of me wishes that I had just had fun with my docket of calls. Sugar Sammy know's how it's done:

Lesson learned: When it comes to technology, I shall henceforth adhere to the age old adage of KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. Take me back to the days of strings on a can or a quill and parchment, all I want is for things to work.

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