Monday, June 15, 2009


After two long years of solo booty shaking, Anisha and I finally danced our way back to the stage. Granted, performing at the MSMF picnic was not our typical scene, but all the usual players were there. The aunties forcing you to eat excessive amounts of ladoo, children weaving through the crowd at top speed, and uninterested dads forced to hold the video camera.

Film credit: Anuja Spielberg
Spoiler alert: Watch out for the random kid, childcare goes out the window when Indians congregate
Sidenote: The end got cut off, feel free to blame Anuja

The performance went off without a hitch, minus a broken shoe, cut feet, and the MC announcing us wrong. Even my own people can't seem to figure out my name. Regardless, those minor details were insignificant compared to the fact that we didn’t spin off the stage and and somehow made no mistakes. It was the first time that we did the entire 4.5 minutes without faltering.

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  1. Wow ... you two seem like giants in real life. You make the stage look so small.