Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gone but not forgotten

No, this post is not about Amy Winehouse or that breakfast burrito that is now having a fiesta in your stomach. It has come to my attention that I have neglected my duties as a cybernerd. For the past month, I was working as a staff member for the Shad Valley program, the Great White of all time consumers (shout out to shark week!). As a result, I lived almost completely off the grid during the month of July.
  • Phone calls home = 3
  • Time spent away from Shad = 2 hours (the program even crept into my dreams)
  • Time wasted on Facebook = far less than normal
  • Blog updates = 0 
That last stat is the one that I feel I must apologize for. While I was absent from the interwebs, I could not forget my commitment to regular blogging. My lack of posts was like a tiny child, tugging at my leg whining for attention, out of my direct line of sight but impossible to ignore. Now that Shad is done, I can finally give my little cyber-minion the time and effort that it deserves. Hope you missed me because I’m back and ready to play. 

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