Friday, June 3, 2011

Dirty Dove campaign

Casually stuffed between receipts from last year's Thai takeout and an ancient packet of Mentos, Purell has found a place in every woman's purse. In this age of superbugs and sanitizer, we have an unstoppable need to be clean. Most scrub themselves spotless in an attempt to avoid the spread of bacteria, meanwhile germaphobia increasingly infects North American society. We may want to be squeaky clean, but recent soap ads appear to be a bit dirtier than intended. 

Old Spice bodywash turned boys into men and South Pacific women musically boasted that they could wash those men right out of their hair. The power of soap knows no bounds. Case in point, the newest Dove campaign that boasts one white bar can rid your skin of impurities. That's right. New magazines ads show evidence of how you too can shed dirt, dryness, that pesky dark skin and that bodacious badonkadonk simply by washing with Dove. Praise the non-demoninational Powers because the answer has arrived. 

Forget diets and diversity, all you need is Dove! 

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