Friday, May 27, 2011

I dream of...

You know those great nights where you sleep like a log, undisturbed by pesky dreams, and awake full refreshed? Last night was NOT one of those sleeps.

After crashing early, my mind decided it was not yet ready to call it a night. Instead, it came up with the following combo of hallucinations that made my night feel like Alternative night at the independent theatre.

Things started out naturally enough.
I am in the arctic. It's the middle of the winter yet not cold at all and I am in a cottage without bathrooms hiding from dogsledding bad guys. In our (there were other people on my "good guy" team, but I never saw who they were) attempt to upgrade our real estate, we run over to the next closest chalet, owned by the actor from Passion of the Christ. He lets us shower at his place. I choose to shower in his living room fireplace while he is in the adjacent kitchen. Because I'm flirty like that.

Meanwhile, my mind-movie keeps cutting out to reality...or at least what I thought was reality. In fact, I was just cutting to dream option #2 which was a paralyzingly boring sleepover with Sandra Oh.

Though these dreams consumed most of my night, the plot didn't develop any further than that.

When my alarm went off, I awoke feeling stressed out and pissed at Sandra Oh for encroaching on my blossoming relationship with dream #1 boyfriend.

For any of you who believe that dreams mean something, please feel free to take a crack at translating this concoction of crazy and get back to me. Though, if it is a straight up prediction of things to come, I'm not sure I want to know. Kthanx. 

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