Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bounce If You're Fresh

I am completely bogged down with assignments so naturally I’ve been spending a lot of time sitting on the couch, with a computer on my lap, and pretending to work while I watch television. In my academically overloaded state, I have not found the time to go grocery shopping. Though I’m getting to live out my childhood dream of living on Nutella sandwiches and Kraft Dinner, my taste buds have gone into a state of remission. The other day, I settled into my natural position of procrastination on the couch and started ‘writing my paper’ while watching The Tyra Show. When Tyra was forced to stop talking about herself and go to a commercial, an ad for Pizza Pizza came on the screen. All of a sudden, my taste buds were doing the samba and I was drooling enough to water the desert. The commercial was showing all the fancy fresh toppings that you could get on your pizza; tomatoes were rolling out of baskets, water was dripping off lettuce, and mushrooms were ricochet off counters.

Watching all the water droplet laden produce bounce around in slow motion made me feel like I was watching the agricultural version of Baywatch. Since when has bounce-ability of vegetables translated to freshness? As I watched onions rebound off a cutting board, I was instilled with the need to throw down all future produce and seeing if they rebound with the vigor of televised freshness. Considering the questionable nature of the contents of my fridge, this test will come in handy. Thank you Pizza Pizza for teaching me that if it bounces back, you’re good to go.

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