Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bursting My Bubble

Giving students suggested readings but no assignments in the first few weeks of school is like telling kids to eat their vegetables and then turning around so they can run out the door. The keen kids will chow down on broccoli, but the majority will wind up escaping to the playground. After weeks of gallivanting through campus bars, local restaurants, bike rides, weddings, and anything else that would keep me from my work, I was finally hit with a deadline.

My gallivanting came to a slowed trudge as I entered the doors of Mills Library. I buckled down and after a solid four hours Facebook avoidance; I managed to punch out my paper. I emerged from the dark study rooms high on pride. I walked over to the overstuffed bike racks and maneuvered my way through the tangle of wheels and spokes only to find that a bird managed to specifically target my bike seat. Since I had nothing to wipe the nasty green present off with, I was forced to use my jacket sleeve. I put the Styrofoam box containing my tasty Chinese leftovers on the ground behind my bike and began to wipe the bird poop off my seat when I heard a crunch. I turned around just in time to see some guy ride his bike over my lunch leftovers. In forty seconds my happiness was literally shit on and run over.

Lesson Learned: Don’t smile on your way out of the library. You’re just asking for it.

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