Saturday, July 25, 2009

From Greece with Predictable Love

I absolutely love when you discover new and amazing things about a place that you thought you knew. It’s like finding money in an old pair of jeans. Just as I was about to throw my worn out hometown into the charity give away bin, I dug deep in the pockets of the suburbs and found a tooney. More importantly, in the depths of the mall, I found a toonie theatre.

The cinema boasts screens that are only slightly larger than the plasmas found in most living rooms, and not quite as technologically advanced. I learned that after films leave the Cineplexes, they make a pit stop at the toonie theatre on their road trip to DVD. It’s the theatre of movie limbo.

After emptying out my change purse at the ticket booth, I went in to watch Nia Vardalos’ newest film My Life in Ruins. The movie is literally the exact opposite story of Vardalos’ big break, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. In this rendition of the tale, Vardalos falls for a Greek man and embraces Greek culture. Of course, this is all after the foxy Souvlaki gets a makeover and a good suit.

The movie is like accidentally wearing a great sweater backwards and inside out. It might still look alright and give you a slightly different look, but it isn’t as good as the original. The film is cute, but the reversed storyline just doesn’t play out as well as Vardalos’ original film. To make up for the lack of originality in the screenplay, the film gets some of the most beautiful shots of Greece. Though at times it feels like a travel video, the cinematography joined with the light hearted cast made me want to book a trip to the Parthenon.

The film was nothing new and had one of the most predictable plots of any romantic comedy, but it was well worth the price of admission. Take that as you will.

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