Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What can Brown do for you?

Anisha and I have been doing Bollywood dance since the torture of Mukul Hindi school first brought us together. I was six and she was five. Our debut performance involved dressing up like foreign vegetables and prancing around the stage. The Mukul style was apparently not to Anisha’s taste as she made very clear by up-chucking on stage during our first performance. Though performance was unsavory, prancing around in okra costumes apparently tickled our taste buds enough to pursue dance.

Diwali Mela 2005 Performance

After learning Bollywood basics from local teachers and excessive movie watching, we decided to branch out on our own. At the ripe old age of 12 (Anisha was 11), we began choreographing our own routines and performing around the city. As dance gained momentum in popular culture, we became addicts of So You Think You Can Dance and Youtube always scanning for new moves.

University separated us for the first time and halted our duo-dancing. Anisha and I took classes separately in our new environments, but found that no fancy studio could compare to choreographing in the basement. When we heard about “Desi Idol” we thought that it was our chance to show that we can “srew in the lightbulb and pet the dog” better than anyone else. It took a while to get over the fact that we’re both completely white-washed and more really tanned Canadians than ‘Desi’, but we decided to audition for the show. We only had one
condition: we had to be able to audition together. We're like baking soda and vinegar, dancing solo we’re not so hot, but together we’re like an explosion of epic awesomeness. Anisha called to find out details and spoke to a man with an accent as thick as a Rickshaw driver from Calcutta.

Anisha: Hi, this was the number I was supposed to call for any questions regarding Desi idol, right?
Supa FOB: uhh..yes yes.
Anisha: Okay, I have a question: when we audition can we audition in pairs?
Supa FOB: (pauuuse)....Paris?
Anisha: PAIRS!
Supa FOB: I'm sorry are you from Canada? Can't be Paris.
Person on other line but not on the phone: SHE SAID PAIRS. As in two people.
Supa FOB: OH pairs..no, no, it has to be solo.
Anisha: It's not possible to audition as a pair at all then?
Supa FOB: no SOLO.
Anisha: Okay, okay, thanks for your time, bye.

Well, apparently our dreams of super stardom will have to wait.

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