Thursday, June 4, 2009

Curried Consideration

With Slumdog Millionaire boasting worldwide success and A.R. Rhaman doing remixes with LA burlesque groups, Indians are the new “It-Culture”. America’s culinary industries were not about to be left out of the newest food fad and the result is a dramatic increase in Canadians making exotic ethnic curries at heat levels that they cannot handle. As an Indian, I have failed my people and never really learned the art of Indian cuisine. My mother once attempted to teach me, but the fifty two step daal simply could not compete with my one step pizza pocket.

However, with more and more of my friends experiencing the menu of my childhood I have become victim to an interesting phenomenon. For some reason, whenever anyone goes out for Indian food, they feel this weird compulsion to find me and tell my about it. I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to thank them for supporting my motherland or merely congratulate them for sweating it through the Indian spices. Even stranger are those who feel the need to tell me when they’ve made Indian food. They rush up to me in a flurry of excitement and say something like, “Oh I was just thinking of you, I made butter chicken last night!”. Fabulous. My mother will be proud of them.

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