Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Finding "The One"

Finding a job is feeling a lot like finding love; more complicated than I anticipated.

No one expects to struggle right out of the gate. I certainly didn't. After taking a year off, I figured I'd hit the job boards hard, wow them with my stellar CV, and get hired on in no time. Corner office, here I come!

And yet, nearly two months after I started the search for the job of my dreams, I have yet to find "The One." I tried a few casual gigs here and there but nothing stuck. I sent out countless emails, networked with professionals in my field, and applied all over the interwebs, and the result was simply a lot of silent rejection. So I was left searching for that one job that would turn my life from a perma-weekend into a productive workweek—one where I could get out of my pjs, put on some work clothes and wow the world with words.

Despite the endless string of applications,  I refuse to give up. If I have learned anything from Romcoms it's that when I least expect it, my life will work itself out.

Until then, in the immortal words of Rick Ross, "Everyday I'm hustlin."

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