Saturday, May 24, 2014

Guess who's back?

Since my last post, a lot has happened. Google got glasses. The world welcomed a royal baby—which, according to your idea of “royalty” could be either Prince George, Blue Ivy or North West (Lord, I hope that kid is not directionally challenged). And, I survived grad school.

After 24 months of papers, assignments and multiple after-school beers, I received my $24,000 receipt: a master’s degree in journalism.

With my purchase complete, I am once again facing the question that haunted my undergrad: “What’s next?” Every wedding, family reunion or casual run-in seems to bring up this query, but no matter how many times people ask, I still have not figured out the answer.

I thought maybe I could put my newly-minted reporting skills to good use and write for a major publication. Or I could fly out to the India and freelance the tales of my motherland. Or maybe I'd just end up in my parent’s basement for a bit.

It's been seven months since graduation and so far, I have checked off every one of these "maybes."Step one of "figuring out real life" complete. 

Step two is to get back to writing for fun, not for grades or a paycheque.

And that brings me to step three. Hope you’re all ready for A Little (More) Ish.

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