Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Essay 6: One Movie Everyone Should See

As a few of my former classmates can attest, I used to be a fairly horrible person. Like your typical high school cliché, I just wanted to be one of the “cool kids”; the ones who seemed to possess more awesomeness in their pinky toes than I had in my entire body. They were the gold medal and I was willing to do anything, from steroids to sabotage, just to make it to the podium.

In my naïve adolescence, I had a skewed sense of cause and effect. For instance, I figured if I could inhale my dinner before my parents, I could escape without having to clean the table. Likewise, I was convinced that if I could get into the popular crowd, I would become awesome by osmosis. But, as the Governator and I can attest, things don’t always go according to plan. Not only did I develop a super unhealthy eating pace, I also I turned into a mini witch-of-a-bitch.

My 15 minutes began with an uncontrolled outburst of smart-assery at a teacher. One single comment, that’s all it took, and by the end of the day I was riding home with the popular girls. And so began my decent from Montessori middle-schooler to prep-school snob complete with rolled skirt and a mouth full of rumors.

Though I suppose I cannot objectively evaluate this, I would like to believe that I have since changed from my middle school monster self. And one of the reasons is thanks to a little flick that made me realize that I had become one of the Mean Girls. Ironically, it took one of Hollywood’s teen disasters to teach me how to be a better person. It was her character (and repeated viewings) that made me realize the seemingly obvious fact that “calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter”. She also taught me that sometimes “the limit does not exist”.

Every time (and believe you me, there are a lot of times) that I watch Mean Girls, I pick up on something new, or find something that I forgot. It’s like a really great friend, I can go for a long time without seeing it, but when we sit down together, no matter how much time has passed, it’s always a good time. I may have a tiny lady crush on Tina Fey, but this movie’s witty, relatable humor truly does make this more than just a flick for chicks. Mean Girls may seem campy romcom but I really do think that it is a movie everyone should see. Not because it’ll change your life, not because you get to see Lindsay Lohan when she was a C-cup rather than celeb C-list, and not because of all the SNL cameos. Everyone should see Mean Girls because maybe it’ll help you realize that you are one. Bitch.

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  1. great movie. Watched it 3-4 times...
    That movie is indeed a slap in the face to the weird popularity contests in school, and especially among girls in this case.
    I didn't know you were such a bitch. Tell me more. What was the smartass comment you made to that teacher??