Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Essay 5: One Book Everyone Should Read

Ok, it’s time to get real. Not like reality show “real”. I mean it’s time to get super honest. No bullshit. No talking around the point. No circling the message. No verbosely evading the topic.

It’s time to take a deep breath, swallow my insecurities (and a few shots of tequila) and admit…

I cannot answer this question.

In the past, I may have ventured an answer. Everyone should read:

  • The Bible – because it’s gotta be the number one book of all time for a reason
  • Anne Frank’s Diary – because it’ll give your life a new perspective
  • The Help – because the narration will have you speaking like a Southern Black woman
  • Twilight – just so you can understand why in God’s name people are attracted to Robert Pattinson

I could say any of these things because I can distill general opinion and Sparksnotes into a somewhat coherent opinion. But in my Essay 2, I publicized my inability to have any real take on this subject.

I can report that I am making headway on my mission to understand people’s attraction to reading. In fact, one of the books listed above had me antisocially stealing away from parties this past month, closing myself in any corner I could find, just so I could read more.

I am on my way, but given that I do not yet know why I love certain books or what exactly I get out of those select page-turners, I have nothing to give this week.

Instead, take the above list as a suggestion of works that I hear are great. Though, I've only read one of the four, the entire collection has a very broad fanbase and thus warrants some attention. However, since I cannot personally endorse any specific work, consider them polite suggestions rather than books that you "should read."

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