Friday, May 20, 2011

Up in the air

With the end of the world potentially mere hours away, we recently ventured out to complete a few items on our family bucket list.

Item #25: Hand gliding over the mountains

Strapped to a giant kite alongside a British "pilot", one begins to wonder what heights we will go to chase the rush. With special effects and now 3D entertainment, even the most outrageous thrills are brought right into our cinemas. As a self proclaimed cineplex addict, I have become accustomed to watching my entertainment rather than entertaining myself. However, as the winch cord tightened, shooting my fly contraption into the air, I realized that no amount of film footage can capture that feeling; the butt-clenching woosh against gravity from runway to just below the clouds, to where the trees look like broccoli and the cars look like lego. You have to feel it for yourself. Having realize this, I sincerely hope that the world doesn't pack it in tomorrow.

Lesson learned: The countdown is on, whether the world ends tomorrow or in 232049 years, time spent waiting is time wasted. Just strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. 

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