Monday, October 11, 2010

Falling in Friendship

While studying abroad this past semester, I met a wide variety of people. Each outing was a new meet-and-greet bringing local and exchange students together over food and many, many drinks. In this state of perpetual introduction, often you only get a snapshot of people, but sometimes that can be enough to catch your curiosity. Sparks between two people is not limited to the romantics. As I discovered in England, and in scenarios since then, there are those certain individuals that once you meet them, you cannot help but want more. This is the predicament of: “The Friend Crush”.

To be clear, the “friend crush” should not be confused with romantic crushes. There is no nausea-inducing butterflies or sexual attraction every time you see the object of your affections. Instead, this crush is simply a sense of intrigue, a hunch that this person could be the Ben to your Jerry, and together you could have some pretty sweet times.

Though “friend crushes” differ from lusty longings in many ways the solution is much the same. If you enjoy someone’s company enough, come clean. Spend time, go on friend-dates, and who knows, you might just find that special someone who, one day, will commit to being your BFF.

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