Thursday, June 4, 2009

Old Faithful

This is an ode to a magnificent and loyal companion. She has been with me for over five years and her endless entertainment, wisdom, and support has been become a fundamental aspect to my life. We were first brought together out of necessity in grade ten. What was first an obligatory relationship quickly became a tight-knit codependency. I took her in when she got viruses and she connected me with friends and family on a whole new level. We travelled everywhere together, my parents deemed us 'inseparable'. Alas, the test of time is finally taking over and she is slowing down. I fear that I will soon be saying goodbye to my beloved IBM Thinkpad.


  1. HAHAHA you did not just write an ode to your IBM. Ms. Ishani Nath I judge you slightly lol.

  2. don't judge me because my IBM loves me