Friday, May 29, 2009

My Firsts Day

Today was a day of firsts. The events of today shocked my close friends and left them questioning whether they ever really knew me at all.

The day started off as a typical Friday morning. However, I had just returned from Vancouver and was being violently abused by jet lag. Attempting to pry my eyes open and get myself to work is hard enough on a usual day, but dealing with a three hour time difference made leaving my bed unbearable. By the time I curled up in my chair at work, I was basically yawning instead of inhaling. Though my inability to function in the morning by no means unusual, I feel that today it induced some strange behavior.

I just started my job so I've tried hard to abide by the rules of the office, at least while I'm still new. However, in my semiconscious state, I decided that falling asleep at my desk was definitely worse than turning to Youtube for entertainment. My boss NEVER comes to my section of the office, so I figured there was about a 0.2131% of getting caught. I felt doubly confident because I can usually hear him well before he passes by my cubicle and I have lightning fast reflexes when I’m attempting to be sneaky. This being said, I am a very unlucky person. I had literally clicked play on my Britain’s Got Talent video when my boss walks by, looks, smirks, and walks on past leaving me as flushed as brown people can get.
After being caught very red handed, I decided that I would instead start a blog to keep myself awake. I proceeded to spend the rest my working hours trying to christen my blog with a name that reflected me and most importantly wasn’t taken yet. After having vivid flashbacks to my first attempt at choosing a hotmail account, I finally stumbled on a title I could live with.

To top off starting my first ever blog and joining the leagues of narrative cyberspace, I also broke my commitment to laziness and went for a run. I have always said that I will exploit my metabolism while it is high. My ferocious appetite plus detest for the gym doesn’t add up for most people. Originally I had decided to enjoy it until my body gives in and I become spontaneously obese. However, the firsts were like a rampant disease that kept affecting me even after I went home. I therefore capped off my day of firsts with my first jog in two years.

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  1. you think YOU'RE bored? I'm on atlantic's pretty late here...and this is your first post...yeeaaaah.